Alex Enriquez

Alex Enriquez

Dallas Independent School Board Trustee, District 2, TX

2020 Endorsement

Alex is a third-generation Dallas Independent School District (DISD) graduate and lifelong advocate of public schools.

Alex's parents, teachers, and theDISD invested heavily in ensuring his success. Now, Alex is running for school board because he believes that every child deserves the same world-class education DISD gave him. A long-time partner of the school district, Alex will use his extensive knowledge about the real-world impact of Trustees' decisions to advocate for strong neighborhood schools.

Alex understands the importance of maintaining a pulse on the community and will work to make DISD a destination school district by actively partnering with parents, students, teachers, and neighbors. Alex and his wife Betsy look forward to becoming public school parents when Ziggy and Flossie, currently 1 and 4 years old, are old enough to attend their neighborhood elementary school.