Zack Zappone

Zack Zappone

Washington House, District 6, WA

2020 Endorsement

Zack was born and raised in Spokane to a public-service family that has served Eastern Washington for generations as wheat farmers, public school teachers, secretaries, bus drivers. As a first-generation college student, Zack’s passion and persistence drove him to attend Georgetown University, where he worked nights and weekends at McDonald’s to support himself. Zack is a Fulbright Scholar, and received a full scholarship to obtain his Master’s in Public Affairs at Princeton University.

Despite his credentials, Zack never forgot his working class background. As a teacher, Zack advocated for changes to help students ignored by the public school system. Zack studied barriers to students’ opportunities, always with the goal of giving hard-workers a fair shot. He has worked and fought to expand access to higher education, affordable health care, and safe routes to school.

Following his family’s tradition, Zack is proud to use his skills and experiences to serve Spokane. Seeing the need for basic necessities during the Coronavirus pandemic, Zack has volunteered with Spokane Food Fighters, delivering over 100,000 meals since March.

Zack is running for Washington state representative so that everyone has a fair shot as we rebuild our community through living-wage jobs, worker protections, a strong education system, and affordable healthcare and mental health services.