State Rep-Elect Jasmine Crockett

State Rep-Elect Jasmine Crockett

Texas House, District 100, TX

2020 Endorsement

Jasmine is running for the Texas House of Representatives because as she fought in the courtroom and advocated for the classroom, she grew frustrated with the pervasive inequality, the cyclical and systemic poverty, and the intentional disenfranchisement of her clients, constituents, and community.

Her determination to run for office is born out of the fire of frustration and the resolve to restore authentic, bold, and homegrown leadership to our elected offices and combat the deficit of equity. As a civil rights and criminal defense attorney, she has seen firsthand the potential for harm our laws and lawmakers have. Conversely, she also knows the capacity for good through policy and legislation.

Jasmine is running to restore power to the people, all people. So hard working Texans can thrive and flourish, living fully -- not just fighting to stay alive one paycheck at a time. So that their drive and perseverance, their work ethic and talents, are the determinants of success, not the zip code or tax bracket they were born in. She will fight to safeguard and expand the rights and protections for everyone and ensure not only are their basic needs met, the need for housing, food and job security, access to healthcare and education, and the protection of their rights; but to also champion those ideas and policy initiatives that would usher in change, growth, and hope into our communities.