Cassie Gonyer

Cassie Gonyer

School Board, District 2, Volusia County, FL

2024 Endorsement

Cassie, a dedicated teacher in Brevard County and parent in Volusia County, brings a unique perspective to the education field. Balancing her roles as both an educator and a parent, Cassie understands the importance of collaboration between teachers and families to ensure students' success. Whether engaging with parents in her virtual classroom or keeping track of her own children's progress in school, communication plays a crucial role in supporting students.

Recognizing the significance of community involvement in education, Cassie volunteers her time with various PTA organizations, including serving as the DEI Chair on the County PTA board. She also actively participates in community meetings, advocating for her historically Black neighborhood's interests in the rezoning process for a new school.

Cassie believes in the power of families working together with schools as a united team for the benefit of students. By fostering open and honest communication and building strong partnerships, she strives to create a positive impact on education at both the local and district levels.