Lacy  Chaffee

Lacy Chaffee

School Board, Mesa Unified #4, Mesa, AZ

2024 Endorsement

Lacy is a dedicated community advocate with a passion for education. A graduate of Mesa Public Schools and a parent of five children within the district, she believes in the transformative power of a quality education. With a focus on ensuring every child in Mesa has access to exceptional education, she strives to strengthen communities through strong schools. Over the past decade, Lacy has volunteered on various school committees and councils, ranging from elementary to high school levels. Currently, she serves on the board of the i.d.e.a. Museum Foundation, working to provide children in Arizona with hands-on literacy and creative experiences. As a school board member, Lacy's key priorities include enhancing classroom learning experiences for all students, supporting and retaining teachers and staff, and prioritizing campus safety. She aims to foster better communication between schools and the community to create a promising future for Mesa's students.