Rish Oberoi

Rish Oberoi

State House of Representatives, District 26, Sugar Land, TX

2020 Endorsement

Rish is a born and bred Texan and graduate of the University of Houston who once sought to become a teacher before seeing firsthand that our public schools cannot succeed with the resources provided by the state. This sent him on a journey to learn how we can take back control of our democracy and make sure it truly serves the people.

Since 2016, Rish has worked as a legislative aide in the Texas Capitol and has held senior positions on congressional and statewide campaigns. It’s time to engage and elevate the next generation of Texans to make sure our government is populated by those ready to take on the challenges of the 21st century.

Rish is prepared to use his experience in government in politics to be a voice for Texas’ future and to make sure we can continue to be proud of our great state.