Vivian Webster

Vivian Webster

Mansfield (MA) School Committee, MA

Vivian is a social worker, mother of two and a local leader. She is founder and director of a non-profit catering to at risk families running for Mansfield School Committee.

Upon graduating with a degree in Business Marketing, she worked as a market research director until she ultimately realized she did not have the greatest work/life balance. Putting family first, Vivian made a career change dedicating her time to those who needed a hand up in life.

Vivian offers a unique perspective on the strengths and weaknesses on how the district helps the neediest kids as a parent of students that have used special education services and as a woman of color who went through the METCO program.

As someone who works with at risk families, Vivian has first hand knowledge of how we can do better, on issues including disciplinary issues and cultural competence training.