Michelle Siegel

Michelle Siegel

Pennsylvania State Senate, District 27, PA

Michelle is a proud daughter of the rural Central Susquehanna Valley. She was raised in Selinsgrove, PA and still resides there with her family. Michelle was the Class of 2000 valedictorian for Selinsgrove Area High, and is a steadfast advocate for public education. She attended Susquehanna University and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. in Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Michelle knows how corporate greed and negligence can harm hardworking people. As a child her grandmother took her for a walk in the woods, where she showed Michelle the unlined ash dam pit that had poisoned their family’s well. The water contamination caused her uncle to develop ulcerative colitis, which progressed to colon cancer because he was unable to afford treatment. Like many proud rural natives, he could not bear to take money from family members to help defray his healthcare costs and passed away at a young age. These experiences set her on a path towards studying Environmental Science and Climate Change.

As a state senator, Michelle will be a staunch defender of our state’s constitutional guarantee of clean air, soil, and water. She believes that access to healthcare is a fundamental right and she will be a champion for single payer in Pennsylvania. In the last year, she has also watched two of the largest employers in the region shutter their doors and renege on their obligations to their employees. For Michelle, this underscores the need to pass the Workers’ Bill of Rights now. As a state senator, she will work tirelessly for every hardworking Pennsylvanian because we matter.

Michelle serves as the Chair of the Snyder County Democrats and Secretary for the PA Democratic Party’s North Central Caucus.